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ALL-STAR Break = No Break for GM Bersani


AUGUSTA, ME - The Colorado Avalanche pulled off one of the biggest trades in their history this past weekend, and even more unlikely was their trade partner, the Washington Capitals. The Av's sent hard working two-way forward Brooks Laich to the Capitals for fan favorite, and one of the best all-around wings, Shane Doan. Doan who finds himself in his third locker-room in the last year has been a target of Bersani's for a long time. "Shane's a big character guy, an elite forward, and a big addition for us as we hope to continue to push for the play-offs." said Bersani. "The Oilers have built a pretty big league, but we did that last year. The Northwest is insane, man. Vancouver has made moves recently that are telegraphing their intention to play for 2013. Calgary has made moves to improve, but we think we have a better club. Shane will help us."

Doan comes to Colorado with 36 points in 49 games, not exactly what you're expect, but its more than likely a product of his surroundings. In Colorado he stands to join the top line with Patrick Kane and Tyler Bozak, plus he expects to play large minutes on the advantage. His Experience and Leadership are going to be as big as his stick in the next 3 weeks.

Fans were extremely excited about the move. "Brooks was a good guy, but Doan. I love how he plays the game." said one fan.

Bersani also made a few small waiver claims to deal with injuries to Bozak, and Rolston. DJ King, and Patrick Rissmiller. King got some 3rd team ice time during the break, but when Rissmiller was brought in days later, it looks like King may hit the wire again, when Rolston returns. Rissmiller is slated to start the next game vs. the Oilers, unless Vigneault opts for  Stortini in a rivalry game.

When asked if he had anything else brewing Bersani wasn't exactly saying no. "This team just got a jolt. We need to play well, and win. We do that we won't need anything else. I think we have a good squad, and we just got better, and deeper."