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Flyers M Levine ludicrous or brilliant?


     Flyers General Manager Matt Levine has made quite a few shocking trades this off-season so far.  Some of which have been called into question by other GMs, while others have been heralded as brilliant.  Fans of the Flyers are in total dismay, and want answers from Levine's pen.  When asked for an interview last week, Levine surprising turned down the media saying quote "This is a terrible time for questions." This vapid response has 'fans pulling their hairs out.'  After days of being under fire, M Levine has finally agreed to an interview.  Below are some of M Levine's comments.

Q: Mr. Levine, the fans would like answers for your lack there of.  What has been happening?

  A: First off, I would like to thank the fans for their support as I take things into a completely different direction.  I have said the direction I intend is a total rebuild, and that is exactly we are in the mist of.  This rebuild is a fast one, and focused on talent, young and old.  We have made some shocking trades, but I am very happy with each of my trades.  It has been a very busy few weeks, with trememdous amounts of offers, and unbelieveable amounts of hours in the film room.  Fans can be assured that no trade is of haste.

Q: Mr. Levine, you have made drastic moves so far, and the fans want to know; can they see their favorites still in a Flyers uniform?

  A: Depends who their favorites are *laughs.*  To be honest, we have made drastic moves, and we haven't given any answers to them.  I'm sure fans are wondering what happened to Jimmy Howard, and Eric Staal, and why were they moved.  There are two truths behind those moves.  One of which is that their contracts were extremely high and were 'drowning' the Flyers from the inside out.  The other reason for these trades is that, both Howard and Staal, have put in little hours of practice, and have been disappointing in their behavior in the locker room.  Both who were veteran leaders, slacked off, skipped practice, and showed little to no signs of leadership.  This is exactly what the Flyers do not need.  Hopefully, these moves that I believed were needed, will not hurt us this offseason.

Q: Mr. Levine, the Flyers have recently aquired the rights to three players.  Those players are Darcy Kuemper, Mikko Koivu, and Steven Stamkos.  Can you enlighten the fans on how signing negotiations are going.

  A: All three are tremedous people, and players, who I would be thrilled to have in the organization.  We have made offers on all three players, but have no yet heard from the players' agents.  I am not willing to say what exactly we offered, in order to respect the rights' of the players and agents, but we are seeking long-term signings.  Mr. Kuemper will be our starter for the upcoming season assuming he is signed.  He is a very talented individual who would be a positive force in mentoring our young goaltenders, such as Matt Murray.             Mr. Koivu is an amazing center, who would be the image of our team.  He would be a huge piece in molding our team, and he would be our presumptive captain.  Lastly, Mr. Stamkos is the kind of player that every team wants.  He is a true leader, and a very high scorer.  He will be an amazing piece to this organization, and one of our presumptive assistant captains.  

Q: Mr. Levine, a few recent trades have also come as a shock.  Can you explain your reasoning behind recent trades?

  A: Sure.  As I stated earlier, every trade is without haste, and every trade is quite meticulous.  For instance, our trade for Mathew Dumba, in my opinion, is a great trade.  We needed a strong defensive piece for our team, and Mr. Dumba is certainly that.  A young, offensively-minded defender, who can put up tons of minutes, and is signed to a great contract.  We had to give away multiple pieces for him, but nothing that I regret in the slightest.  We have also traded for the 28th overall pick as well as Gustav Olofsson, and other talented, young prospects.  Each prospect we traded for was personally selected, and we are proud to recieve each one.  Mr. Olofsson is another player who like Mr. Dumba, we are very proud to recieve.  We anticipate Mr. Olofsson sharing ice-time with Mr. Dumba a great deal.  Lastly, the 28th overall pick is another great asset that we have acquired.  We have substancial amounts of scouting, and we believe this pick will be for a very talented individual.  

Q: Mr. Levine, I just have one more question.  Are you currently working on any other trades, and how is your draft chart lining up?

  A: We are currently working on a couple trades.  We have just completed a trade pending approval, which will give us another young, defensive talent.  We are also working towards getting an early 2nd round pick in this coming draft.  If we can iron out the fine details of this trade, we should be attaining an early 2nd, and hopefully some good, young talent along with it.  To answer your last question, our draft chart is slowly coming together.  We just shipped out three draft picks today in a trade pending approval, but we still have #28 overall, as well as Anaheim's 7th round pick.  If we are able to aquire the early 2nd we are targeting, our draft chart will be basically complete.  We already have set our eyes on certain players we hope to draft, and we will be inviting a few prospects to our facilities within the next week.

Interviewer: I would like to thank you for your time today Mr. Levine, and we would like extend a welcome to you anytime.

Mr. Levine: Thank you very much for giving me the chance to answer these questions.

     It would seem that Matt Levine has a plan and reasoning for all these recent trades.  Hopefully, they all pan out for the better, especially entering the long and stodgy season of signings.  Until next time 'Deliver Us To The Promise Land, Nino!'