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"We have to be smart with it"

[Philadelphia, PA] -  The Flyers find themselves with fans extremely pleased with the outcome of the draft while other onlookers questioning what exactly GM Levine is doing.  To some he is stocking prospects for a future push, to others he is endlessly deconstructing any aspect of roster talent for more prospects which will only implode the team.  Even further it has been suggested that perhaps GM Levine lacks the patience required to see this extensive rebuild to the end properly.  GM Matt Levine had a few words to say to answer these concerns:
"The past few days I've really thought over how I am operating in this organization and what exactly we are trying to accomplish.  Going into this rebuild we all knew the end goal was to come out with a long-term team built ready for Cup contention.  However, in short sight of this goal, we have drained our roster of virtually all talent and now we look down the pipeline with one of the best prospect pools in the league, but you can't build your organization through one method.  Looking at other recent rebuild teams, they all have built through yes the draft and prospect acquisition but also smart UFA signings and roster additions.  We have to be smart with it.  We have the prospect talent we need for our organization in the long-run, now we have to make the smart decisions necessary to bring this team back out of the rubble and perhaps answer some of the doubts and concerns along the way." - GM Matt Levine
The Flyers thus far this off-season have added a few veteran talents to their roster showing that perhaps GM Levine is more than just words.  Additions of veteran offensive talents Milan Lucic, Jason Spezza, Tomáš Plekanec, and today defender Andrej Sekera show the way GM Levine is going about this daunting task.  In addition GM Levine acquired the UFA rights to Alexander Edler before the draft and while any contract signing has come to an impasse, there is hope a signing can be made in Free Agency.  Two additional players who have been brought back to Philadelphia through resigning are Scott Hartnell and Matt Martin who are two more veteran talents that show Philadelphia is transitioning to building back the roster.  GM Levine was quoted yesturday ago saying "Enough is enough with the prospects.  Its time we move on and build the roster.  How long can I honestly deplete this roster without having my calls come into question?  Frankly enough is enough."
As the Flyers draft continues, GM Levine still holds 8 draft selections which he hopes will allow them to land a few defenders as well as goalies to add to the prospect pool.  But there appears to have been a vision shift in Philadelphia, it is no longer about adding the prospects but now it is time to look towards the future and build the roster.  As GM Levine mentioned earlier this morning "Through this process we have cracked and broken a few wooden panels along the bridge, before we break the bridge lets start cementing the pieces back together.  I know we have made our relationship with the free agents a wavy one but hopefully with our respect to Keith [Yandle] as well as our welcoming of these veterans, we can show that we are serious." 
Looking at the depth chart of the Flyers this season the center spot seems to be forming up decently whereas the defensive spot is a place to address potential concerns and perhaps that will be the spot the Flyers will look to help during Free Agency.  What has come up as a concern however is that the Flyers are a so-called rebuilding team and yet have no draft picks in 2019 and only three in 2020.  How can this team even attempt to rebuild without draft picks that further the rebuild process and frankly is GM Levine patient enough to do so? GM Levine left the media with the comment "Rebuilds are made through strong prospect acquisition, appropriate valuation, strategic financial planning, and short-term goals while always keeping the long-term goal in mind.  Perhaps we have strained from some of these aspects and it does leave us with a bleak outlook on the next couple drafts, but its time we are patient.  We have some great prospects, we need to use them efficiently and effectively to yes build the long-term vision through youth but to also add in the talent we need to become a striving roster."

2018-2019 Flyers Depth Chart

Milan Lucic - Pierre-Luc Dubois - Joel Eriksson Ek(C)
Scott Hartnell - Jason Spezza - Tyler Ennis
Zack Mitchell - Tomáš Plekanec - Matt Martin
Chase Balisy - Alex Broadhurst - Mike Vecchione
Keith Yandle(A) - Samuel Girard
Andrej Sekera - Paul Martin
Mark Alt - Blake Hillman
Cam Ward
Alex Stalock