Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andreas EnglundSWED271996-01-21189 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Antoine RousselFRALW331989-11-20199 Lbs5 ft1122No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,250,000
Austin CzarnikUSAC/LW/RW301992-12-11175 Lbs5 ft940No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Ben BishopUSAG361986-11-21209 Lbs6 ft729No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Blake ParlettCAND331989-07-01205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Blake PietilaUSAC/LW/RW301993-02-20200 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Brendan GallagherABRW311992-05-06183 Lbs5 ft916No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,100,000$5,100,000
Brendan SmithONTLW/D341989-02-08200 Lbs6 ft211No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,150,000$1,150,000
Brett LernoutMBD271995-09-23214 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brock McGinnONTLW/RW291994-02-01187 Lbs6 ft00No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000
Connor McMichaelONTC/LW222001-01-15183 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167$894,167
Dmitri SamorukovRUSD231999-06-16198 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000$775,000
Drew HellesonUSAD222001-03-26190 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Grigori DenisenkoRUSLW/RW222000-06-24186 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000
J.D. GreenwayUSAD251998-04-27216 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Jack LaFontaineONTG251998-01-06209 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Jacob PetersonSWEC231999-07-19181 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Jake MuzzinONTD341989-02-21217 Lbs6 ft329No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000
Jakub VoracekCZELW/RW331989-08-15214 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Joe VelenoQUEC/LW232000-01-13206 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,212,917$1,212,917$1,212,917
Joonas KorpisaloFING291994-04-27192 Lbs6 ft316No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,500,000
Jordan MartinookMBC/LW/RW301992-07-25196 Lbs6 ft025No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000
Joshua JacobsUSAD271996-02-15201 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$810,000$810,000$810,000
Kevin LabancUSALW/RW271995-12-12185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,875,000
Libor HajekCZED251998-02-04203 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$894,166
Lucas WallmarkSWEC271995-09-05176 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Luke KuninUSAC/RW251997-12-04193 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Mackenzie EntwistleONTRW231999-07-13184 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
Marcus JohanssonSWELW/RW321990-10-06205 Lbs6 ft114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Merrick MadsenUSAG271995-08-22176 Lbs6 ft541No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Michael SgarbossaONTC301992-07-25182 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Michael VukojevicONTD212001-06-08212 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,833$850,833$850,833
Micheal FerlandMBLW/RW311992-04-19208 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,250,000
Morgan FrostONTC241999-05-14170 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$863,333
Nate SchnarrONTC241999-02-25185 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$786,667$786,667$786,667
Nikita ZadorovRUSD281995-04-16235 Lbs6 ft670No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000$3,750,000
Oskar BackSWEC232000-03-12205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Patrik NemethSWED311992-02-08228 Lbs6 ft35No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Pavel DorofeyevRUSLW/RW222000-10-26167 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Philippe MyersNBD261997-01-25210 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,600,000
Richard PanikCZELW/RW321991-02-07203 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Ryan DonatoUSAC/LW271996-04-09192 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Taro HiroseABLW261996-06-30162 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Travis BoydUSAC/RW291993-09-14185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000
Ty SmithABD232000-03-23175 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,263,333$1,263,333
Tyler BensonCANLW251998-03-15192 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Vladislav KolyachonokBLRD222001-05-26194 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$905,000$905,000$905,000
William BorgenUSAD261996-12-19205 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4827.2195 Lbs6 ft 12.10 years$1,968,220 4800


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex BiegaQUED351988-04-04199 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Alex ChiassonQUELW/RW321990-10-01208 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Artem AnisimovRUSC/LW/RW351988-05-23199 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Ben HuttonONTD301993-04-19206 Lbs6 ft27No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,200,000
Brian ElliottONTG381985-04-09209 Lbs6 ft211No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000
Brian LashoffUSAD321990-07-16215 Lbs6 ft329No1 year Pro & FarmNo$825,000
Calle JarnkrokSWEC/LW/RW311991-09-24186 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,200,000$3,200,000$3,200,000$3,200,000
Carey PriceBCG351987-08-15220 Lbs6 ft32No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Carl HagelinSWELW341988-08-23185 Lbs5 ft119No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,145,000
Carsen TwarynskiABLW251997-11-24198 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,833
Derrick PouliotSKWD291994-01-16196 Lbs6 ft032No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Dustin WolfUSAG222001-04-16168 Lbs6 ft042No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$813,333$813,333$813,333
Dylan SikuraONTLW/RW271995-06-01170 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Glenn GawdinBCC261997-03-25191 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Jack QuinnONTRW212001-09-19176 Lbs6 ft036No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Jake LeschyshynUSAC241999-03-10190 Lbs5 ft1125No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$927,500$927,500
John MooreUSAD321990-11-19210 Lbs6 ft231No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,850,000
Joonas DonskoiFINLW/RW311992-04-13190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,900,000
Kaden FulcherONTG241998-09-23201 Lbs6 ft30No0 year Pro & FarmNo
Kiefer SherwoodUSALW/RW281995-03-31180 Lbs6 ft034No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Luke SchennSKWD331989-11-01229 Lbs6 ft240No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000
Marc McLaughlinUSAC231999-07-26205 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Matej PekarCZEC/LW232000-02-10185 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$913,333$913,333
Matthew TkachukUSALW/RW251997-12-11202 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,800,000
Mitch Vande SompelONTD261997-02-11198 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$935,833
Simon BenoitQUED241998-09-19191 Lbs6 ft330No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Skyler McKenzieABLW251998-01-20154 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Torey KrugUSAD321991-04-12186 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,600,000
Trevor ZegrasUSAC/LW222001-03-19169 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000
Ville PokkaFIND281994-06-03214 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Vinnie HinostrozaUSAC/RW291994-04-03177 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,800,000$1,800,000$1,800,000
Vladislav NamestnikovRUSC/LW/RW301992-11-22183 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,250,000
Wyatt KalynukMAND261997-04-14180 Lbs6 ft14No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3328.4193 Lbs6 ft 11.55 years$2,174,217 3300

Blue Jackets

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexander KerfootCANC/LW281994-08-10185 Lbs5 ft108No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Andrej SustrCZED321990-11-29217 Lbs6 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Anthony DuclairQUELW/RW271995-08-26197 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Bode WildeQUED232000-01-24192 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$764,167$764,167$764,167
Braden SchneiderSKWD212001-09-20209 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,325,000$1,325,000$1,325,000
Brandon BaddockABLW281995-03-28221 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brendan WarrenUSALW261997-05-07192 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Cedric PareQUEC241999-01-24212 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Danila KlimovichBLRC202003-01-09205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Dustin TokarskiSKWG331989-09-15198 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Elias PetterssonSWEC241998-11-12176 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
Erik JohnsonUSAD351988-03-21225 Lbs6 ft412No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Filip LindbergFING241999-01-31194 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Frederick GaudreauQUEC/RW301993-05-01179 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jalen ChatfieldUSAD271996-05-15188 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Joe PavelskiUSAC/RW381984-07-11195 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmYes$10,000,000
Joel ArmiaFINLW/RW291993-05-31205 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,800,000$2,800,000$2,800,000
Joel EdmundsonMBD291993-06-28227 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,600,000$3,600,000$3,600,000
John KlingbergSWED301992-08-14190 Lbs6 ft38No6 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Justin KirklandMANLW261996-08-02183 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kale HowarthABC/LW251997-06-10201 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Kyle PalmieriUSARW321991-02-01185 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Lauri PajuniemiFINRW231999-09-12183 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Luka BurzanBCC/RW232000-01-07183 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Lukas ReichelGERLW/RW212002-05-17170 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,337,500$1,337,500$1,337,500
Mason GeertsenABD281995-04-18215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Miles WoodUSALW/RW271995-09-13195 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Nic DowdUSAC/RW331990-05-27192 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Nick SeelerUSAD291993-06-03201 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Phil Di GiuseppeONTC/LW/RW291993-10-09193 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Quinn HughesUSAD231999-10-14180 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,604,167
Ryan GravesNSD281995-05-21220 Lbs6 ft515No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Sergei BobrovskyRUSG341988-09-19182 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Seth BartonBCD231999-08-18196 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$832,500$832,500$832,500
T.J. OshieUSARW361986-12-23196 Lbs5 ft1112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,850,000$6,850,000
T.J. TynanUSAC311992-02-25165 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Thatcher DemkoUSAG271995-12-07192 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,050,000
Tomas NosekCZEC/LW301992-08-31210 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Valtteri PuustinenFINLW/RW231999-06-04183 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
William LockwoodUSARW241998-06-20172 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$842,500$842,500$842,500
Zac DalpeONTC/RW331989-11-01197 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Zach SanfordUSAC/LW/RW281994-11-09207 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4227.7195 Lbs6 ft 12.33 years$2,225,139 4200


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam BoqvistSWED222000-08-14179 Lbs5 ft1114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,744,167
Adam RuzickaSLOC/LW/RW241999-05-11202 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Alex Barre-BouletQUEC/LW/RW261997-05-20180 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Alexandre TexierFRAC/LW/RW231999-09-12186 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Brendan LemieuxUSALW/RW271996-03-15213 Lbs6 ft120No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Cale FleuryABD241998-11-18213 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$883,333
David RittichCZEG301992-08-18206 Lbs6 ft355No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Erik KarlssonSWED321990-05-31190 Lbs6 ft023No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Jaden SchwartzSKWLW301992-06-25190 Lbs5 ft1064No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,660,000$6,660,000$6,660,000
Jakub ZborilCZED261997-02-21200 Lbs6 ft013No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,288,333$1,288,333
Jean-Sebastien DeaQUEC/RW291994-02-08174 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Jonathan DrouinQUEC/LW/RW281995-03-28201 Lbs5 ft1124No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Julien GauthierQUERW251997-10-15227 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,163,333$1,163,333
Karson KuhlmanUSAC/RW271995-09-26185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Louis DomingueQUEG311992-03-06208 Lbs6 ft351No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Lucas RaymondSWELW/RW212002-03-28183 Lbs5 ft1038No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,425,000$3,425,000$3,425,000
Mackenzie MacEachernUSALW/RW291994-03-08190 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Marko DanoAUSLW/RW281994-11-30212 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Markus NutivaaraFIND281994-06-06191 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Matteo GennaroABC261997-03-30187 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Maxime LagaceQUEG301993-01-12190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Mikael BacklundSWEC341989-03-17200 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000
Niclas AlmariFIND251998-05-11181 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Nicolas BeaudinQUED231999-10-07174 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,105,000$1,105,000
Nicolas HagueONTD241998-12-05214 Lbs6 ft616No1 year Pro & FarmNo$863,333
Nils HoglanderSWELW/RW222000-12-20185 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,125,000$1,125,000
Oliver KylingtonSWED261997-05-19183 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Peyton KrebsSKWC/LW222001-01-26180 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,275,833$1,275,833$1,275,833
Robin SaloFIND241998-10-13187 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Sammy BlaisQUELW/RW261996-06-17205 Lbs6 ft227No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Samuel GirardCAND251998-05-12170 Lbs5 ft1046No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000
Seth JarvisMANC/RW212002-02-01174 Lbs5 ft1018No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,394,167$1,394,167$1,394,167
Tanner KeroUSAC301992-07-24180 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Travis KonecnyONTLW/RW261997-03-11175 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Vasily PodkolzinRUSRW212001-06-24190 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000$1,775,000
Ville HeinolaFIND222001-03-02178 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,075,833$1,075,833
Vitek VanecekCZEG271996-01-08187 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Vladimir TarasenkoRUSRW311991-12-13225 Lbs6 ft08No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,500,000$11,500,000$11,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3826.2192 Lbs6 ft 02.03 years$2,341,535 3800


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Anthony DeAngeloUSAD271995-10-24183 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Ben MeyersUSAC/LW/RW241998-11-15167 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,031,250
Brad MarchandNSC/LW351988-05-10181 Lbs5 ft90No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000
Devante StephensBCD261997-01-02185 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Dylan DeMeloONTD301993-05-01191 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,200,000$2,200,000
Gustav OlofssonSWED281994-12-01199 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jake GuentzelUSALW/RW281994-10-06180 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,100,000
Jakub VranaCZELW/RW271996-02-28197 Lbs6 ft014No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,800,000$5,800,000$5,800,000
Jaycob MegnaUSAD301992-12-10221 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Jeff PetryUSAD351987-12-09208 Lbs6 ft311No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,200,000$7,200,000$7,200,000$7,200,000
Jeffrey VielQUELW241999-01-28197 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jordan GreenwayUSALW/RW261997-02-16241 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Josh DunneUSAC241998-12-08210 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Josiah SlavinUSALW241998-12-31190 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Kevin RooneyUSAC301993-05-21190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Kole SherwoodUSARW261997-01-22212 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Lane PedersonSKWC251997-08-04190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Linus UllmarkSWEG291993-07-30215 Lbs6 ft48No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Marco ScandellaQUED331990-02-22208 Lbs6 ft35No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Marian StudenicSVKRW241998-10-28163 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Mark PysykABLW/RW/D311992-01-11200 Lbs6 ft129No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Mason MarchmentONTC/LW/RW281995-03-06204 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Matthew VillaltaONTG231999-06-03165 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Mikael GranlundFINC/LW/RW311992-02-26185 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Nathan WalkerENGLW291994-02-07186 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Nick JensenUSAD321990-09-20194 Lbs6 ft020No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Oskar SteenSWEC251998-03-09188 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Pavel FrancouzCZEG321990-06-03179 Lbs6 ft036No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Pius SuterSWIC/RW271996-05-24176 Lbs5 ft1124No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,250,000
Rafael Harvey-PinardQUELW241999-01-06183 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000$825,000
Ryan HartmanUSAC/RW281994-09-20192 Lbs6 ft00No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,200,000$5,200,000$5,200,000$5,200,000$5,200,000
Samuel MontembeaultQUEG261996-10-30192 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Sean CouturierUSAC301992-12-07211 Lbs6 ft312No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,700,000$7,700,000
Sebastian AhoDSWED271996-02-17183 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Stelio MattheosMANRW231999-06-14196 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Tanner JeannotSKWLW/RW251997-05-29208 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Victor MeteCAND241998-06-07184 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$1,250,000$1,250,000
William LagessonSWED271996-02-22207 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3827.6194 Lbs6 ft 11.89 years$2,556,086 3800


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron EkbladONTD271996-02-07215 Lbs6 ft433No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,650,000
Alex DeBrincatUSALW/RW251997-12-18165 Lbs5 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,250,000$5,250,000
Brandon SutterUSAC341989-02-14191 Lbs6 ft314No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Brandon TanevONTLW/RW311991-12-31180 Lbs6 ft014No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Brock NelsonUSAC/LW311991-10-14212 Lbs6 ft492No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Calvin de HaanONTD321991-05-08195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,550,000
Carter HartABG241998-08-12181 Lbs6 ft214No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Chase PriskieUSAD271996-03-18185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Clayton KellerUSAC/LW/RW241998-07-28170 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,250,000$5,250,000
Corey PerryONTLW/RW381985-05-16206 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Daniel SprongNEDLW/RW261997-03-17200 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Dillon DubeABC/RW241998-07-20187 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000
Hayden HodgsonONTRW271996-03-02205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Henrik BorgstromFINC/LW251997-08-06199 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Isac LundestromSWEC/LW231999-11-06187 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Ivan ProvorovRUSD261997-01-13201 Lbs6 ft13No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,750,000$7,750,000
Jeff MalottONTLW261996-08-07201 Lbs6 ft40No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000$850,000
Jonny BrodzinskiUSARW291993-06-19215 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kyle RauUSAC/LW301992-10-24176 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Madison BoweyMBD281995-04-22198 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Marc-Andre FleuryQUEG381984-11-28185 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Mark ScheifeleONTC301993-03-14207 Lbs6 ft30No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000
Matt LuffONTRW261997-05-05196 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Matthew PhillipsABC/RW251998-04-06150 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Maxwell WillmanUSAC/LW281995-02-13183 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000$850,000
Michael CarconeONTLW271996-05-19170 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Mikhail BerdinRUSG251998-02-28163 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$758,333
Moritz SeiderGERD222001-04-06196 Lbs6 ft47No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,713,333$1,713,333$1,713,333
Nazem KadriONTC/LW321990-10-06192 Lbs6 ft024No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,100,000
Nikolaj EhlersDENLW/RW271996-02-14172 Lbs6 ft03No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Rudolfs BalcersLATLW/RW261997-04-08180 Lbs5 ft1145No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Scott MayfieldUSAD301992-10-14220 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Sheldon RempalABLW/RW271995-08-07165 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Tucker PoolmanUSAD291993-06-08199 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Vladislav GavrikovRUSD271995-11-21214 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Xavier BernardQUED232000-01-06205 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Yegor ZamulaRUSD232000-03-30176 Lbs6 ft324No1 year Pro & FarmNo$786,667

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3727.6190 Lbs6 ft 12.05 years$2,689,414 3700


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex NedeljkovicUSAG271996-01-07189 Lbs6 ft029No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alex SteevesUSAC/LW/RW231999-12-10185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$834,167$834,167
Alexander TrueDENC251997-07-16200 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000
Auston MatthewsUSAC251997-09-16220 Lbs6 ft326No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,534,000$10,534,000$10,534,000
Ben GleasonUSAD251998-03-25185 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Boris KatchoukONTLW241998-06-17206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$894,166
Brett SeneyONTC/LW271996-02-27156 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Brian PinhoUSAC281995-05-11190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
C.J. SuessUSALW291994-03-16190 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Dougie HamiltonONTD291993-06-17229 Lbs6 ft60No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,250,000$7,250,000$7,250,000$7,250,000
Frederic AllardQUED281994-12-27179 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$921,666
Garrett PilonSKWC/RW251998-04-13190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$894,166
Gavin BayreutherUSAD291994-05-12195 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jacob LarssonSWED261997-04-29190 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jacob MarkstromSWEG331990-01-31206 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,100,000$4,100,000
Jacob MiddletonONTD271996-01-02210 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,100,000$2,100,000$2,100,000
Jason DickinsonONTC/LW/RW271995-07-04200 Lbs6 ft25No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000
Joel FarabeeUSALW/RW232000-02-25164 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,425,000
Joey DaccordUSAG261996-08-19197 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Kale ClagueSKWD241998-06-05177 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$761,666
Kristian ReichelCZEC241998-06-11176 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000
Kyle ConnorUSALW261996-12-09182 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,000,000$7,000,000
Logan O'ConnorABRW261996-08-14174 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
MacKenzie WeegarONTD291994-01-07212 Lbs6 ft265No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Mathieu OlivierQUERW261997-02-11209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Matt KierstedUSAD251998-04-14181 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$765,000$765,000
Michael McLeodONTC/RW251998-02-03188 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,363,333
Michael PezzettaONTC/LW251998-03-13205 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Mikko RantanenFINC/RW261996-10-29215 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$9,250,000
Nathan SmithUSAC241998-10-18190 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000$1,350,000
Nick BoninoUSAC/LW/RW351988-04-20196 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Nick LeddyUSAD321991-03-20204 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000
Nico HischierSUIC241999-01-04175 Lbs6 ft111No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Nikita ZaitsevRUSD311991-10-29188 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Parker KellyABC/RW241999-05-14196 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Riley TufteUSALW251998-04-10235 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Tanner KaspickMANC251998-01-28205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$822,222
Teuvo TeravainenFINLW/RW281994-09-11178 Lbs5 ft1121No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,400,000$5,400,000
Trevor van RiemsdykUSAD311991-07-24188 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Tyler BozakSKWC/RW371986-03-19199 Lbs6 ft17No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Walker DuehrUSARW251997-11-23209 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$775,000$775,000
Yanni GourdeQUEC/LW/RW311991-12-15173 Lbs5 ft937No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000
Zach PariseUSALW381984-07-28193 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,800,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4327.3194 Lbs6 ft 11.91 years$2,434,079 4300


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aidan DudasONTC222000-06-15162 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$791,667$791,667
Alex IafalloUSALW291993-12-20188 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Alexei ProtasBLRC222001-01-06214 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$888,333$888,333$888,333
Arthur KaliyevUZBLW/RW212001-06-25190 Lbs6 ft212No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,035,833$1,035,833$1,035,833
Blake LizotteUSAC251997-12-12172 Lbs5 ft731No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Calvin PetersenUSAG281994-10-19185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$858,333
Cameron DarcyUSAC291994-03-02186 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Carl GrundstromSWELW/RW251997-12-01201 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Chandler StephensonSKWC/LW/RW291994-04-21199 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Connor HellebuyckUSAG301993-05-18207 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Dmitry OrlovRUSD311991-07-23211 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,100,000
Drew DoughtyONTD331989-12-08202 Lbs6 ft111No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Gabriel VilardiONTC231999-08-16201 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,627,500
Jack EichelUSAC261996-10-28213 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$10,000,000
Jacob MoverareSWED241998-08-31198 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$705,556$705,556$705,556
Jacob TroubaUSAD291994-02-26209 Lbs6 ft32No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000
Jakob SilfverbergSWELW/RW321990-10-13208 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000
Jani HakanpaaFIND311992-03-31218 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,750,000
Jaret Anderson-DolanABC/LW231999-09-12188 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$913,333$913,333
Jesper BrattSWELW/RW241998-07-30175 Lbs5 ft1014No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,850,000
Jujhar KhairaBCC/LW281994-08-13212 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Kevin GravelUSAD311992-03-06205 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Matt RoyUSAD281995-03-01200 Lbs6 ft119No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Nicolas MelocheQUED251997-07-18204 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$853,333
Pavel ZachaCZEC/LW261997-04-06210 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,400,000
Rickard RakellSWEC/LW/RW301993-05-05196 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Ronnie AttardUSAD241999-03-20207 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000$1,350,000
Sampo RantaFINLW/RW222000-05-31205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,208,333$1,208,333$1,208,333
Samuel FagemoSWELW/RW232000-03-14190 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,833$910,833$910,833
Sean MonahanONTC281994-10-12200 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000
Sean WalkerONTD281994-11-13196 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Ville HussoFING281995-02-05205 Lbs6 ft39No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3226.8199 Lbs6 ft 12.13 years$2,761,502 3200


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Antti RaantaFING341989-05-11195 Lbs6 ft041No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Barclay GoodrowONTC/LW301993-02-25203 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Blake ColemanUSAC/LW/RW311991-11-27207 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,750,000$3,750,000
Brett PesceUSAD281994-11-14206 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,250,000
Cam YorkUSAD222001-01-05175 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,308,333$1,308,333$1,308,333
Charlie McAvoyUSAD251997-12-20208 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,900,000
Christian FischerUSARW261997-04-14214 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Cody CeciONTD291993-12-20210 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
David KrejciCZEC251997-11-29183 Lbs6 ft037No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Erik KallgrenSWEG261996-10-14194 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Ethan BearSKWD251997-06-26197 Lbs5 ft1120No1 year Pro & FarmNo$798,333
Filip ChytilCZEC/LW/RW231999-09-05206 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Gabriel DumontQUEC/RW321990-10-06195 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Hampus LindholmSWED291994-01-20208 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Ilya MikheyevRUSLW/RW281994-10-10194 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Jake AllenNBG321990-08-07190 Lbs6 ft27No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Jesper FastSWERW311991-12-02191 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,200,000
Joey KeaneUSAD231999-07-02187 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Kaapo KahkonenFING261996-08-16215 Lbs6 ft266No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Kevin HayesUSAC/LW/RW311992-05-08215 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,200,000
Kirill KaprizovRUSLW/RW261997-04-26201 Lbs5 ft926No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,387,500$1,387,500
Leon DraisaitlGERC/LW/RW271995-10-27208 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,500,000
Logan ShawNSC/RW301992-10-05208 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Nico SturmGERC281995-05-02207 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Nikita KucherovRUSRW291993-06-17183 Lbs5 ft115No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000
Oliver Ekman-LarssonSWED311991-07-17200 Lbs6 ft251No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,100,000$8,100,000
Oskar SundqvistSWELW/RW291994-03-23209 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,000,000
Pierre-Luc DuboisCANC/LW241998-06-24205 Lbs6 ft25No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Sean DurziONTD241998-10-21185 Lbs6 ft038No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Slater KoekkoekONTD291994-02-18193 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Troy GrosenickUSAG331989-08-27185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Wayne SimmondsONTLW/RW341988-08-26185 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Zack MacEwenNBC/RW261996-07-08205 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3328.1199 Lbs6 ft 11.79 years$3,014,217 3300


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam LarssonSWED301992-11-11208 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,500,000$5,500,000
Alexander HoltzSWERW212002-01-23194 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,744,167$1,744,167$1,744,167
Anders BjorkUSALW/RW261996-08-04190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,650,000
Andrew LaddBCLW/RW371985-12-11205 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brent Gates Jr.USAC251997-08-12198 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Cole SchwindtONTRW222001-04-25183 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,833$910,833$910,833
Darnell NurseONTD281995-02-04221 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Garret SparksUSAG291993-06-28201 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Gemel SmithONTC/LW/RW291994-04-16203 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Gianni FairbrotherBCD222000-09-30190 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$903,333$903,333$903,333
Hunter DrewONTD241998-10-21192 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$793,333
Jake MassieQUED261997-01-21179 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$770,000
Jan JenikSLOC222000-09-15161 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$902,500$902,500
Jimmy VeseyUSALW/RW301993-05-26202 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Joe SnivelyUSALW271996-01-01181 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Joel KivirantaFINLW/RW271996-03-23180 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Kirby DachABC/LW/RW222001-01-21197 Lbs6 ft44No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Kyle CriscuoloUSAC311992-05-05180 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Leon GawankeGERD231999-05-31186 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$810,000
Mads SogaardDENG222000-12-13201 Lbs6 ft712No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Mark BorowieckiONTD331989-07-12207 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Mark FriedmanONTD271995-12-25185 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$785,000$785,000
Mark KastelicUSAC241999-03-10210 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$821,667$821,667$821,667
Matt BoldyUSALW222001-04-05194 Lbs6 ft210No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,325,000$1,325,000
Matt IrwinBCD351987-11-29207 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,350,000
Mattias EkholmSWED331990-05-24215 Lbs6 ft411No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Max LajoieQUED251997-11-05196 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Mike HoffmanONTLW/RW331989-11-24182 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Nate ThompsonUSAC/LW381984-10-05205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Nathan NoelNFLC/LW251997-06-21174 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Nick RitchieONTLW271995-12-05234 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,650,000
Nikita OkhotyukRUSD222000-12-04194 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$905,000$905,000$905,000
Niko MikkolaFIND271996-04-27185 Lbs6 ft411No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Radim ZohornaCZEC/LW/RW271996-04-29220 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Robert HaggSWED281995-02-08204 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,450,000
Robin LehnerSWEG311991-07-24250 Lbs6 ft463No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Ryan CarpenterUSAC/LW/RW321991-01-18200 Lbs6 ft024No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Ryan SheaUSAD261997-02-11190 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,562,500$1,562,500$1,562,500
Thomas SchemitschONTD261996-10-26205 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Timo MeierSWILW/RW261996-10-08215 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000
William KarlssonSWEC301993-01-08191 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,850,000$5,850,000
Zach Aston-ReeseUSALW/RW281994-08-10204 Lbs6 ft06No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,725,000$1,725,000$1,725,000
Zane McIntyreUSAG301992-08-20206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4327.4198 Lbs6 ft 11.77 years$1,887,403 4300


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adin HillABG271996-05-11202 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,450,000$1,450,000
Alec MartinezUSAD351987-07-25209 Lbs6 ft158No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Artemi PanarinRUSLW311991-10-29170 Lbs5 ft1146No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,500,000$11,500,000$11,500,000$11,500,000$11,500,000
Cal ClutterbuckONTRW351987-11-17215 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000$1,350,000
Cameron HughesABC261996-10-09160 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
David KampfCZEC/LW/RW281995-01-12188 Lbs6 ft27No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Johnny GaudreauUSALW/RW291993-08-13165 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,500,000
Jonathan ToewsMANC351988-04-29201 Lbs6 ft225No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000
Jordan KyrouONTC/RW251998-05-05195 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$880,000
Justin DanforthONTC/RW301993-03-15181 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000
Justin HollUSAD311992-01-30210 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,250,000
Kevin StenlundSWEC/RW261996-09-20215 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Lucas JohansenBCD251997-11-16176 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Martin PospisilSVKC231999-11-19194 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$810,000$810,000
Mason McDonaldNSG271996-04-23200 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
Mathias Emilio PettersenNORC232000-04-03181 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Michael HutchinsonONTG331990-03-01198 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Mika ZibanejadSWEC301993-04-18208 Lbs6 ft23No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Morgan RiellyBCD291994-03-09219 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,400,000$7,400,000$7,400,000$7,400,000$7,400,000
Nick SuzukiONTC231999-08-10183 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,325,833
Noel AcciariUSAC/LW/RW311991-12-01209 Lbs5 ft1024No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,900,000$1,900,000$1,900,000
Rasmus SandinSWED232000-03-07183 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$894,167
Robert BortuzzoONTD341989-03-18216 Lbs6 ft48No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Ryan McDonaghUSAD331989-06-13215 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,100,000$7,100,000
Scott PerunovichUSAD241998-08-18174 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,175,000$2,175,000$2,175,000
Spencer MartinONTG271995-06-08191 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Travis SanheimMBD271996-03-28181 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Trent FredericUSAC/LW/RW251998-02-11203 Lbs6 ft213No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,310,000$1,310,000$1,310,000
Tristan JarryBCG281995-04-25194 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,250,000
Yakov TreninRUSC/LW/RW261997-01-13201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$863,333
Zach HymanONTLW/RW301992-06-09211 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3128.4195 Lbs6 ft 12.26 years$3,143,629 3100


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam LowryUSAC/LW301993-03-28210 Lbs6 ft512No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,850,000$2,850,000$2,850,000$2,850,000
Alec RegulaUSAD222000-08-05208 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Blake HillmanUSAD271996-01-26181 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Bo HorvatONTC281995-04-04215 Lbs6 ft00No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000
Brady SkjeiUSAD291994-03-25210 Lbs6 ft36No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,850,000$4,850,000$4,850,000
Brandon BiroABLW251998-03-10167 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$762,500$762,500
Brock BoeserUSARW261997-02-24208 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,875,000$5,875,000
Bryan RustUSALW/RW311992-05-10192 Lbs5 ft118No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,850,000$6,850,000$6,850,000$6,850,000$6,850,000
Casey DeSmithUSAG311991-08-12181 Lbs6 ft060No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Daniil MiromanovRUSRW/D251997-07-11198 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$762,500$762,500
Danny DeKeyserUSAD331990-03-07190 Lbs6 ft338No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
David GustafssonSWEC232000-04-11196 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
David PerronQUELW/RW341988-05-28200 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Devon ToewsBCD291994-02-21191 Lbs6 ft121No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,900,000$6,900,000$6,900,000$6,900,000$6,900,000
Dylan LarkinUSAC261996-07-30198 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,100,000
Evan CormierONTG251997-11-06200 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jaccob SlavinUSAD291994-05-01207 Lbs6 ft386No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,900,000$6,900,000$6,900,000$6,900,000$6,900,000
Jake BeanCAND241998-06-09186 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,363,333
Jason RobertsonUSALW231999-07-22210 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167
Joel KellmanSWEC/RW291994-05-25192 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Jordan HarrisUSAD222000-07-07179 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,137,500$1,137,500$1,137,500
Kevin BahlBCD222000-06-27230 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$902,500$902,500$902,500
Logan StanleyONTD251998-05-25228 Lbs6 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Marc StaalONTD361987-01-12209 Lbs6 ft47No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,600,000$1,600,000
Matt BenningABD291994-05-25204 Lbs6 ft147No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,150,000$1,150,000$1,150,000
Matthew NietoUSALW/RW301992-11-05190 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Mike HardmanUSALW/RW241999-02-05205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Mitchell ChaffeeUSARW251998-01-26207 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nick BlankenburgUSAD251997-10-30168 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Nick RobertsonUSALW212001-09-11164 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$796,667$796,667$796,667
Pavel BuchnevichRUSLW/RW281995-04-17197 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,300,000$6,300,000$6,300,000$6,300,000$6,300,000
Philipp GrubauerGERG311991-11-21188 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,002,000$6,002,000$6,002,000$6,002,000
Phillip DanaultQUEC/LW301993-02-24200 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Pierre-Edouard BellemareFRAC381985-03-06198 Lbs6 ft017No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,800,000
Rasmus AsplundSWEC/LW/RW251997-12-03189 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Reese JohnsonSKWRW241998-07-10193 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Rob O'GaraUSAD291993-07-06214 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ryan MerkleyONTD222000-08-14176 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Steven SantiniUSAD281995-03-07205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Tom WilsonONTRW291994-03-29218 Lbs6 ft47No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Tyrell GoulbourneABLW/RW291994-01-26194 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenFING241999-03-08220 Lbs6 ft422No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,833$910,833$910,833
Vitaly AbramovRUSLW/RW251998-05-08181 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$880,000
Zach TrotmanUSAD321990-08-26217 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4427.3198 Lbs6 ft 12.50 years$2,407,962 4400


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alan QuineONTC/LW/RW301993-02-25203 Lbs6 ft06No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alex LyonUSAG301992-12-08201 Lbs6 ft132No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Artemi KniazevRUSD222001-01-04181 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$905,000$905,000$905,000
Brandon DuhaimeUSALW/RW261997-05-22201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Brayden PachalSKWD231999-08-23201 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brayden SchennSKWC/LW/RW311991-08-22200 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,225,000$7,225,000$7,225,000$7,225,000
Bryce KindoppABRW231999-06-14185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Cam AtkinsonUSARW331989-06-04176 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
Cameron GaunceONTD331990-03-19194 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Carson MeyerUSARW251997-08-18181 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Cole CoskeyUSARW231999-06-01190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Cole ReinhardtABLW232000-02-01203 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$813,333$813,333$813,333
Collin DeliaUSAG281994-06-19208 Lbs6 ft231No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Connor MurphyUSAD301993-03-26212 Lbs6 ft414No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,850,000$3,850,000
Craig AndersonUSAG421981-05-21186 Lbs6 ft265No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Filip ZadinaCZELW/RW231999-11-27189 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,775,000
Jake GardinerUSAD321990-07-04203 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Jan RuttaCZED321990-07-29204 Lbs6 ft327No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,000,000
Josiah DidierUSAD301993-04-08202 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Justin BaileyUSALW/RW271995-07-01214 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kailer YamamotoUSALW/RW241998-09-29153 Lbs5 ft820No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000
Kevin FialaSWILW/RW261996-07-22198 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,100,000$5,100,000
Mason ShawABC241998-11-02180 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Mike MathesonQUED291994-02-27188 Lbs6 ft221No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,200,000$5,200,000$5,200,000
Nathan BeaulieuONTD301992-12-05200 Lbs6 ft231No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000
Neal PionkUSAD271995-07-29186 Lbs6 ft012No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,000,000$5,000,000
Nolan StevensONTC261996-07-22183 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Rasmus DahlinSWED232000-04-13207 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Sheldon DriesUSAC/LW291994-04-23180 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Tanner PearsonONTLW301992-08-10201 Lbs6 ft17No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000
Trey Fix-WolanskyABRW241999-05-26187 Lbs5 ft70No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Troy StecherBCD291994-04-07190 Lbs5 ft1016No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Tyler AngleONTC222000-09-30172 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,833$850,833$850,833
Tyler WallONTG251998-01-14214 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
William CarrierQUEC/LW/RW281994-12-20218 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Zach SenyshynONTRW261997-03-30192 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Zackary HayesABD241999-04-24218 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$805,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3727.4195 Lbs6 ft 11.78 years$1,966,194 3700

Golden Knights

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aleksi HeponiemiFINC/RW241999-01-08155 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Alex StalockUSAG351987-07-28170 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Andrei SvechnikovRUSLW/RW232000-03-25195 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Anton LundellFINC212001-10-03185 Lbs6 ft17No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000$1,775,000
Calen AddisonMAND232000-04-10180 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,833$910,833$910,833
Colton ParaykoABD301993-05-12230 Lbs6 ft61No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000
Colton SissonsBCC/LW/RW291993-11-05200 Lbs6 ft14No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,975,000$2,975,000
David SavardQUED321990-10-22233 Lbs6 ft255No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Dawson MercerNLC/RW212001-10-27179 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,294,167$1,294,167$1,294,167
Drake BathersonUSAC/RW251998-04-27206 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000$4,750,000
Gustav LindstromSWED241998-10-20190 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Henri JokiharjuFIND231999-06-17199 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Jake EvansCANC/RW261996-06-02183 Lbs6 ft037No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,350,000
Jamie BennBCC/LW331989-07-18210 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Jamie DrysdaleONTD212002-04-08175 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000
Jordan EberleSKWRW331990-05-15187 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000
Jordan SpenceAUSD222001-02-24163 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$919,167$919,167$919,167
Josh BrookSKWD231999-06-17192 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,833$910,833
Juuso ValimakiFIND241998-10-06212 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
K'Andre MillerUSAD232000-01-21210 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,275,000$1,275,000
Ken ApplebyONTG281995-04-09210 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Lawson CrouseONTLW/RW251997-06-23220 Lbs6 ft40No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Liam FoudyONTC/LW/RW232000-02-04193 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,269,167
Lias AnderssonSWEC/LW241998-10-13190 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Mackenzie BlackwoodONTG261996-09-12225 Lbs6 ft416No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,500,000
Marc-Edouard VlasicQUED361987-03-30205 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Martin KautCZERW231999-10-02176 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,319,167
Matthew HighmoreNSLW/RW271996-02-27188 Lbs5 ft1117No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Milan LucicBCLW341988-06-07231 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Morgan GeekieMBC241998-07-20192 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Nils LundkvistSWED222000-07-27187 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000$1,775,000
Nolan PatrickMANC241998-09-19198 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Pierre-Olivier JosephQUED231999-07-01185 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,075,833$1,075,833
Shane BowersNSC231999-07-30186 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Tyler TuckerONTD232000-03-01205 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$808,333$808,333$808,333
Vitaly KravtsovRUSRW231999-12-23189 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3625.6195 Lbs6 ft 12.31 years$2,131,458 3600


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron DellABG341989-05-04209 Lbs6 ft073No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Alex NewhookNBC/LW222001-01-28190 Lbs5 ft101No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$908,333$908,333$908,333
Alexander BarabanovRUSLW/RW281994-06-16192 Lbs5 ft1014No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,300,000$2,300,000$2,300,000
Angus CrookshankBCLW231999-10-02181 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$838,333$838,333
Anthony BeauvillierQUEC/LW251997-06-08182 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Ben JonesONTC241999-02-25187 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Benoit-Olivier GroulxQUEC232000-02-05195 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,833$910,833$910,833
Casey MittelstadtUSAC/LW241998-11-21196 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Chris TierneyONTC/LW281994-06-30204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,625,000
Connor IngramSKWG261997-03-30196 Lbs6 ft251No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Daniil GuschinRUSLW232000-01-14200 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$902,500$902,500$902,500
Darren HelmMBLW/RW361987-01-21192 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,750,000
Donovan SebrangoONTD212002-01-12194 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Dylan HollowayABC/LW212001-09-23203 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Elvis MerzlikinsLATG291994-04-13185 Lbs6 ft311No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Gabriel CarlssonSWED261997-01-02203 Lbs6 ft512No1 year Pro & FarmNo$894,166
Gerald MayhewUSAC/RW301992-12-31161 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Hugo AlnefeltSWEG212001-06-04201 Lbs6 ft312No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Jack HughesUSAC/LW222001-05-14176 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,775,000
Jacob BrysonONTD251997-11-18175 Lbs5 ft92No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Jared McIsaacNSD232000-03-27192 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$764,167$764,167
Jean-Luc FoudyONTC212002-05-13176 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167$894,167
Jonatan BerggrenSWEC/LW/RW222000-07-16194 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Kaapo KakkoFINRW222001-02-13199 Lbs6 ft313No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,575,000
Kaedan KorczakSKWD222001-01-29192 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Mason AppletonUSAC/RW271996-01-15193 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Matt MurrayONTG291994-05-25178 Lbs6 ft489No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Mattias JanmarkSWEC/LW301992-12-08195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Mattias SamuelssonUSAD232000-03-14226 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Michael McCarronUSAC/RW281995-03-07232 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Michal TeplyCZELW/RW222001-05-27187 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Mitchell StephensONTC261997-02-05190 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$919,166
Otto KoivulaFINLW/RW241998-09-01223 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$786,666
Owen TippettONTLW/RW241999-02-16207 Lbs6 ft115No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,596,667$1,596,667
Philipp KurashevSUIC231999-10-12190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Quinton ByfieldONTC202002-08-19215 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,575,000$3,575,000
Samuel HeleniusFINC202002-11-26201 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Ty EmbersonUSAD232000-05-24194 Lbs6 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Warren FoegeleONTLW/RW271996-04-01198 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,675,000$2,675,000$2,675,000
William EklundSWELW/RW202002-10-10176 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000
Zachary FucaleQUEG281995-05-27187 Lbs6 ft216No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4124.8194 Lbs6 ft 12.10 years$1,725,976 4100


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Anthony StolarzUSAG291994-01-20230 Lbs6 ft599No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Barrett HaytonONTC/LW222000-06-08190 Lbs6 ft123No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,644,167
Cale MakarABD241998-10-29187 Lbs5 ft112No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,854,166
Connor BrownONTLW/RW291994-01-14185 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Ivan BarbashevRUSC/LW/RW271995-12-14187 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,250,000
Jake McCabeUSAD291993-10-12204 Lbs6 ft13No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000
Jasper WeatherbyUSAC/LW251998-01-22223 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Jesper BoqvistSWEC/LW/RW241998-10-30180 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Joe HickettsBCD271996-05-04180 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jonathan HuberdeauQUELW291993-06-04202 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Keith KinkaidUSAG331989-07-03186 Lbs6 ft338No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Kirill UstimenkoBLRG241999-01-29187 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Louie BelpedioUSAD271996-05-14197 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Mac HollowellONTD241998-09-26172 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Martin FehervarySVKD231999-10-06194 Lbs6 ft213No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$880,000$880,000$880,000
Mathew BarzalCANC261997-05-26189 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,000,000$7,000,000
Mats ZuccarelloNORLW/RW351987-08-31179 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000
Michael StoneMBD321990-06-07210 Lbs6 ft339No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Mike SmithONTG411982-03-21220 Lbs6 ft54No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,750,000
Radko GudasCZED321990-06-05208 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Ryan O'ReillyONTC321991-02-07216 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,750,000$7,750,000
Sam GagnerONTC/LW/RW331989-08-10200 Lbs5 ft117No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Scott LaughtonONTC/LW281994-05-30190 Lbs6 ft15No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Shea WeberBCD371985-08-14229 Lbs6 ft420No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,200,000
Steven StamkosONTC/LW/RW331990-02-07193 Lbs6 ft13No1 year Pro & FarmNo$9,500,000
Teddy BluegerLATC/LW281994-08-14185 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Tyler MotteUSALW/RW281995-03-10192 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Tyler PitlickUSALW/RW311991-11-01200 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,750,000
Victor HedmanSWED321990-12-18241 Lbs6 ft60No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000$9,500,000
Will BittenONTC/RW241998-07-10181 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$762,500$762,500$762,500
Yegor SharangovichBLRC/LW/RW241998-06-06196 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3128.8198 Lbs6 ft 12.03 years$3,177,930 3100


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexander WennbergSWEC281994-09-22197 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Beck MalenstynBCLW251998-02-04200 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Callum BoothQUEG261997-05-20184 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Chris DriedgerMBG291994-05-18208 Lbs6 ft438No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Clark BishopNFLC271996-03-28199 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Eeli TolvanenFINLW/RW241999-04-22191 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,426,500$3,426,500$3,426,500
Eetu LuostarinenFINC241998-09-02190 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$897,500
Erik GudbransonONTD311992-01-07217 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Fredrik KarlstromSWEC251998-01-12196 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Grant MismashUSAC/LW241999-02-19185 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Guillaume BriseboisQUED251997-07-21175 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jansen HarkinsUSAC261997-05-23182 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$767,500
Jeremy HelvigONTG261997-05-24188 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$785,000
Jesperi KotkaniemiFINC/LW/RW222000-07-06201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,425,000
Joona KoppanenFINC/LW251998-02-25192 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$910,833
Juuse SarosFING281995-04-18180 Lbs5 ft110No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Kasperi KapanenFINLW/RW261996-07-23194 Lbs6 ft111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,200,000
Kevin ShattenkirkUSAD341989-01-29203 Lbs6 ft031No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000
Lukas VejdemoSWEC/LW/RW271996-01-25194 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Markus NiemelainenFIND241998-06-07190 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Matias MaccelliFINLW222000-10-14165 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Matt FilipeUSALW251997-12-31193 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Miro HeiskanenFIND231999-07-18190 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,450,000$8,450,000$8,450,000$8,450,000
Olli JuoleviFIND251998-05-05182 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,913,333
Olli MaattaFIND281994-08-22206 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,493,500$4,493,500$4,493,500
Rasmus KupariFINC/LW/RW232000-03-15183 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,081,667
Roby JarventieFINLW202002-08-08184 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$894,167$894,167$894,167
Roope HintzFINC/LW261996-11-17220 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Ryan LindgrenUSAD251998-02-11191 Lbs6 ft061No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Santeri HatakkaFIND222001-01-15192 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Sebastian AhoFINC/LW251997-07-26176 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,450,000$8,450,000
Victor BrattstromSWEG261997-03-22201 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Vince DunnONTD261996-10-29203 Lbs6 ft031No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3325.5192 Lbs6 ft 22.03 years$2,555,152 3300


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex OvechkinRUSLW371985-09-16238 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$12,500,000
Andreas BorgmanSWED271995-06-18200 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Anthony CirelliONTC/RW251997-07-15191 Lbs6 ft022No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Antoine BibeauQUEG291994-05-01205 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Austin StrandALBD261997-02-16216 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Calle RosenSWED291994-02-01186 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Colten EllisNSG222000-10-05187 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Craig SmithUSALW/RW331989-09-05208 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Ian ColeUSAD341989-02-21225 Lbs6 ft17No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Jake DeBruskABLW/RW261996-10-17188 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,500,000
James ReimerMBG351988-03-15220 Lbs6 ft21No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,800,000$2,800,000
Jeremy LauzonQUED261997-04-28204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Jonah GadjovichONTLW241998-10-12209 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333
Jordan BinningtonONTG291993-07-10174 Lbs6 ft10No6 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Josh AndersonONTLW/RW291994-05-07226 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Mason PrimeauONTC212001-07-28203 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000$825,000
Mikhail MaltsevRUSC/LW251998-03-12198 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Mitch MarnerONTRW261997-05-05175 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$9,500,000
Morgan KlimchukSKWLW281995-03-01185 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Nathan MacKinnonNSC271995-09-01200 Lbs6 ft011No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Nicolas RoyQUEC/LW/RW261997-02-05208 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$815,000
Noah DobsonPEID232000-01-07195 Lbs6 ft414No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,431,667
Pat MaroonUSALW/RW351988-04-23238 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Philip TomasinoONTC212001-07-28179 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,005,000$1,005,000$1,005,000
Pierre EngvallSWELW/RW261996-05-31214 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Seth JonesUSAD281994-10-03213 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,500,000$7,500,000$7,500,000
Thomas ChabotQUED261997-01-30196 Lbs6 ft212No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,500,000
Timothy LiljegrenSWED241999-04-30192 Lbs6 ft040No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,263,333
Tobias BjornfotSWED222001-04-06203 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,052,500$1,052,500
Travis DermottONTD261996-12-21215 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000$1,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3027.2203 Lbs6 ft 22.07 years$3,000,194 3000


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Brad RichardsonONTC/LW381985-02-03190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Braden HoltbySKWG331989-09-16214 Lbs6 ft273No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Brayden McNabbSKWD321991-01-21216 Lbs6 ft449No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Brenden DillonBCD321990-11-13220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,000,000
Damon SeversonSKWD281994-08-07205 Lbs6 ft20No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,400,000$6,400,000$6,400,000$6,400,000$6,400,000
Derek ForbortUSAD311992-03-04219 Lbs6 ft411No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,950,000
Derick BrassardQUEC/LW351987-09-22202 Lbs6 ft17No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000
Evan RodriguesONTC/LW/RW291993-07-28184 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,250,000
Jake OettingerUSAG241998-12-18225 Lbs6 ft520No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Jared SpurgeonABD331989-11-29167 Lbs5 ft933No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Jay BeagleABC/RW371985-10-16210 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Jett WooMAND222000-07-27205 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,044,167$1,044,167$1,044,167
Joel Eriksson EkSWEC/LW/RW261997-01-29208 Lbs6 ft332No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
John TavaresONTC321990-09-20215 Lbs6 ft113No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000
Joseph CramarossaONTLW/RW301992-10-26188 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kevin LankinenFING281995-04-28185 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Kris RussellABD361987-05-02170 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Lars EllerDENC341989-05-08208 Lbs6 ft212No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Matt BartkowskiUSAD341988-06-04201 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Nick SchmaltzUSAC/LW/RW271996-02-23177 Lbs6 ft09No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Olle Eriksson EkSWEG231999-06-22189 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Ondrej PalatCZELW/RW321991-03-28194 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,750,000
Patric HornqvistSWERW361987-01-01189 Lbs5 ft1130No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,000,000
Phil KesselUSALW/RW351987-10-02202 Lbs6 ft047No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,000,000$4,000,000
Riley SutterABRW231999-10-25207 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$871,667$871,667$871,667
Ross ColtonUSAC/LW/RW261996-09-11191 Lbs6 ft04No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Ryan McGregorONTC/LW241999-01-29168 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$803,333$803,333$803,333
Shayne GostisbehereUSAD301993-04-20180 Lbs5 ft115No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,250,000$3,250,000$3,250,000
Valeri NichushkinRUSLW/RW281995-03-04210 Lbs6 ft47No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,250,000
Viktor ArvidssonSWELW/RW301993-04-08180 Lbs5 ft90No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,950,000$3,950,000$3,950,000$3,950,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3030.3197 Lbs6 ft 12.17 years$3,163,139 3000


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam ErneUSALW/RW281995-04-20212 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,100,000
Alex BeaucageQUELW/RW212001-07-25192 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Alex BelzileQUEC/RW311991-08-31196 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Andreas JohnssonSWELW/RW281994-11-20194 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Anthony ManthaQUELW/RW281994-09-15234 Lbs6 ft514No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000
Brett KulakABD291994-01-05192 Lbs6 ft142No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,900,000$1,900,000$1,900,000
Brian DumoulinUSAD311991-09-05207 Lbs6 ft40No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Carl DahlstromSWED281995-01-28221 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Cole KoepkeUSAC/LW/RW251998-05-17196 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Colton WhiteONTD261997-05-03185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$825,000
Connor MackeyUSAD261996-09-12190 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Denis GurianovRUSLW/RW251997-06-07200 Lbs6 ft35No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,644,166
Drew O'ConnorUSALW241998-06-09200 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Dylan GambrellUSAC/LW/RW261996-08-26185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Evgenii DadonovRUSLW/RW341989-03-12185 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,200,000$7,200,000$7,200,000
Francois BrassardQUEG291994-01-31185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Gabriel FortierQUEC/LW232000-02-06174 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$791,667$791,667$791,667
Givani SmithONTLW/RW251998-02-27210 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$913,333
Jack AhcanUSAD261997-05-18185 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$950,000
Jake ChristiansenBCD231999-09-12195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
James van RiemsdykUSALW/RW341989-05-04217 Lbs6 ft39No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,750,000
Jan DrozgSVKLW241999-04-01174 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Janis MoserSWID222000-06-06172 Lbs6 ft112No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$886,667$886,667$886,667
Johnathan KovacevicONTD251997-07-12207 Lbs6 ft413No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$766,667$766,667$766,667
Jordan SchmaltzUSAD291993-10-08196 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Josh BaileyONTC/LW/RW331989-10-02200 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Karel VejmelkaCZEG271996-05-25203 Lbs6 ft488No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,725,000$2,725,000$2,725,000
Kevin BoyleUSAG301992-05-29201 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Kole LindSKWRW241998-10-16178 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$891,333
Logan BrownUSAC/LW/RW251998-03-04220 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Marcus PetterssonSWED271996-05-08180 Lbs6 ft412No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,500,000$2,500,000$2,500,000
Michael AndersonUSAD241999-05-25196 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,775,000
Nicolas Aube-KubelABLW/RW271996-05-09187 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nicolas DeslauriersQUELW/RW321991-02-22215 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,150,000$2,150,000$2,150,000
Petr MrazekCZEG311992-02-14187 Lbs6 ft265No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Riley NashABC/RW341989-05-09188 Lbs6 ft215No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Ryan MurraySKWD291993-09-27206 Lbs6 ft114No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,700,000$3,700,000$3,700,000$3,700,000
Sonny MilanoUSALW/RW271996-05-12194 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000
Tanner FritzABC/RW311991-08-20192 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Wade AllisonMBRW251997-10-14205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,137,500$1,137,500

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4027.4196 Lbs6 ft 11.95 years$2,098,908 4000

Maple Leafs

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex PietrangeloONTD331990-01-18210 Lbs6 ft34No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,250,000
Alex VlasicUSAD212001-06-05198 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,491,667$1,491,667$1,491,667
Alexandre CarrierQUED261996-10-08174 Lbs5 ft1119No1 year Pro & FarmNo$833,000
Andrew CoglianoONTLW/RW351987-06-13175 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Andy AndreoffONTC/LW321991-05-17203 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Bowen ByramBCD212001-06-12190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,394,167$3,394,167
Brandon CarloUSAD261996-11-25212 Lbs6 ft546No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,100,000$4,100,000$4,100,000
Brandon CrawleyUSAD261997-02-01202 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$866,666
Brandon PirriONTC/LW/RW321991-04-10186 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Brandon SaadUSALW/RW301992-10-26206 Lbs6 ft114No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Brett HowdenABC/LW/RW251998-03-28200 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Brinson PasichnukABD251997-11-23205 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Calvin PickardNBG311992-04-14210 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Chris WagnerUSAC/LW/RW321991-05-26198 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Cody GlassMANC/RW241999-04-01192 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,713,333
Dylan WellsONTG251998-01-03190 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Dysin MayoBCD261996-08-17195 Lbs6 ft214No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$798,333$798,333
Frederik AndersenDENG331989-10-02238 Lbs6 ft426No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,500,000$5,500,000$5,500,000
Gabriel BourqueQUELW/RW321990-09-23206 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Gabriel LandeskogSWELW/RW301992-11-23215 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,750,000
Jack McBainONTC222000-06-06212 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000$1,350,000
Jack StudnickaONTC241999-02-18171 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333
Jacob Bernard-DockerABD222000-06-30190 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,208,333$1,208,333$1,208,333
Jeremy DaviesQUED261996-12-04180 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,325,000
Jeremy SwaymanUSAG241998-11-23187 Lbs6 ft228No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,050,000$1,050,000
Jordan StaalONTC/LW341988-09-10220 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Joseph CecconiUSAD261997-05-23215 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,293,750
Josh ArchibaldSKWLW/RW301992-10-06176 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,600,000
Josh BrownONTD291994-01-21225 Lbs6 ft50No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Justin DowlingABC/LW/RW321990-10-01180 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Keaton MiddletonABD251998-02-10240 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Kyle CliffordONTLW321991-01-13211 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Liam O'BrienNSC281994-07-29213 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Nick HoldenABD361987-05-14214 Lbs6 ft42No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Nicklas BackstromSWEC351987-11-23210 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$9,500,000
Pheonix CopleyUSAG311992-01-18198 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Radek FaksaCZEC/LW291994-01-09220 Lbs6 ft33No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Ryan DzingelUSALW/RW311992-03-09190 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000$950,000
Sam BennettONTC/LW/RW261996-06-20195 Lbs6 ft10No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Sean DayBELD251998-01-09218 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Sean KuralyUSAC/LW301993-01-20213 Lbs6 ft24No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,650,000$1,650,000
Shea TheodoreBCD271995-08-03195 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,200,000$5,200,000
Simon HolmstromSWERW222001-05-24202 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333
Spencer SmallmanPEIRW261996-09-09198 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Steven LorentzONTC271996-04-13206 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,050,000$1,050,000
Tomas HertlCZEC/LW291993-11-12215 Lbs6 ft212No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Trevor LewisUSAC/RW361987-01-07205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Tyler ToffoliONTLW/RW311992-04-24198 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,800,000$4,800,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4828.3202 Lbs6 ft 22.02 years$2,263,561 4800


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex AlexeyevRUSD231999-11-15210 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$863,333
Alex PetrovicABD311992-03-03206 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Alex TurcotteUSAC222001-02-25185 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,444,167$2,444,167$2,444,167
Andrew CoppUSAC/LW281994-07-07206 Lbs6 ft144No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Ben ChiarotONTD321991-05-08234 Lbs6 ft326No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000$4,500,000
Blake WheelerUSAC/RW361986-08-30225 Lbs6 ft50No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000
Carson SoucyABD281994-07-26211 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Charlie LindgrenUSAG291993-12-17182 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Christopher BrownUSAC271996-02-22179 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Colin MillerONTD301992-10-29199 Lbs6 ft124No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000$2,000,000
Daniel VladarCZEG251997-08-20185 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Dennis GilbertUSAD261996-10-30216 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$770,000$770,000
Dominic ToninatoUSAC/LW/RW291994-03-09191 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Dylan SambergUSAD241999-01-24216 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Eric RobinsonUSALW/RW271995-06-14200 Lbs6 ft23No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,700,000$1,700,000$1,700,000
Eric StaalONTC381984-10-29195 Lbs6 ft47No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,100,000
Esa LindellFIND291994-05-23215 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,200,000$5,200,000
Evander KaneBCLW311991-08-02210 Lbs6 ft27No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
Hugh McGingUSAC241998-07-11174 Lbs5 ft90No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
J.T. MillerUSAC/LW/RW301993-03-14218 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000$6,250,000
Jamie OleksiakONTD301992-12-21255 Lbs6 ft724No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Joey AndersonUSARW241998-06-19190 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
John HaydenUSALW/RW281995-02-14223 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Josh MorrisseyABD281995-03-28195 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,375,000$6,375,000
Joshua NorrisUSAC241999-05-05192 Lbs6 ft213No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,633,333$1,633,333
Kevin ConnautonABD331990-02-23205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Max ComtoisQUELW241999-01-08215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Michael CallahanUSAD231999-09-23196 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Michael RasmussenBCC/LW/RW241999-04-17229 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,460,000$1,460,000$1,460,000
Nick BjugstadUSAC/RW301992-07-17218 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Nick PaulONTC/LW/RW281995-03-20230 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,050,000
Noah HanifinUSAD261997-01-25215 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Patrick BrownUSAC/RW301992-05-29210 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Paul CotterUSAC/LW231999-11-16206 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$796,667$796,667$796,667
Rhett GardnerSKWC/LW271996-02-28225 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Riley StillmanONTD251998-03-09196 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,850,000$1,850,000
Ryan Nugent-HopkinsBCC/LW301993-04-12184 Lbs6 ft015No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,250,000$7,250,000$7,250,000
Semyon VarlamovRUSG351988-04-26215 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Shane PintoUSAC222000-11-12192 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,325,000$1,325,000
Thomas GreissGERG371986-01-29232 Lbs6 ft25No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Ty DellandreaONTC/LW/RW222000-07-20190 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,833$1,400,833
Tyler BertuzziONTLW/RW281995-02-24199 Lbs6 ft19No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,600,000$5,600,000$5,600,000
Urho VaakanainenFIND241999-01-01185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$894,167
Vincent TrocheckUSAC/RW291993-07-11183 Lbs5 ft1010No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000$6,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4427.8205 Lbs6 ft 22.27 years$2,495,170 4400


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex GalchenyukUSAC/LW291994-02-11194 Lbs6 ft11No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Alexander NylanderSWELW/RW251998-03-02192 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,775,000
Boo NievesUSAC/LW291994-01-23212 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
C.J. SmithUSALW281994-11-30184 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Casey FitzgeraldUSAD261997-02-24178 Lbs5 ft119No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Christian DvorakUSAC/LW271996-02-01195 Lbs6 ft04No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Cooper MarodyUSAC/RW261996-12-20184 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Danny O'ReganGERC/RW291994-01-30180 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Dylan StromeONTC/LW/RW261997-03-07200 Lbs6 ft37No1 year Pro & FarmYes$2,500,000
Emil BemstromSWEC/LW/RW231999-06-01193 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,633,333
Erik BrannstromSWED231999-09-02181 Lbs5 ft913No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,375,000
Haydn FleurySKWD261996-07-08208 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,300,000
Ilya SorokinRUSG271995-08-03190 Lbs6 ft38No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Jackson CatesUSAC/LW/RW251997-09-26190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Jason ZuckerUSALW/RW311992-01-16192 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Jesse PuljujarviSWELW/RW251998-05-07201 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
John CarlsonUSAD331990-01-10215 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$10,740,000$10,740,000$10,740,000$10,740,000$10,740,000
Jonas JohanssonSWEG271995-09-18220 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Josh LeivoONTLW/RW301993-05-26192 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Justin RichardsUSAC251998-03-17190 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Kristians RubinsLATD251997-12-11221 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Kyle OkposoUSARW351988-04-16220 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Lucas CarlssonSWED251997-07-05190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Luke JohnsonUSAC281994-09-19174 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Martin NecasCZEC/RW241999-01-14167 Lbs6 ft114No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,462,000
Max JonesUSALW/RW251998-02-17220 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,295,000$1,295,000
Michael DipietroONTG231999-06-08200 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$840,000$840,000$840,000
Parker WotherspoonBCD251997-08-24181 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$854,722
Rasmus AnderssonSWED261996-10-27214 Lbs6 ft117No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,900,000$3,900,000
Sam SteelABC/LW/RW251998-02-03189 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Scott HarringtonONTD301993-03-10206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Thomas HarleyUSAD212001-08-18190 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,288,333$1,288,333$1,288,333
Tomas TatarSVKLW/RW321990-11-30182 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,250,000
Tyler SeguinONTC/RW311992-01-31201 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,000,000$9,000,000$9,000,000
Tyler WotherspoonBCD301993-03-12207 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Vinni LettieriUSAC/RW281995-02-06185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Will ButcherUSAD281995-01-06190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Zach SawchenkoABG251997-12-30185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Zach WhitecloudMAND261996-11-28209 Lbs6 ft291No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3927.0195 Lbs6 ft 11.85 years$2,159,318 3900


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron NessUSAD331990-05-18183 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Alexandre FortinQUELW/RW261997-02-25184 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Alexis LafreniereQUELW/RW212001-10-10193 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,775,000$3,775,000
Andreas AthanasiouONTC/LW/RW281994-08-05188 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000$3,000,000
Austin WatsonUSAC/LW/RW311992-01-12198 Lbs6 ft451No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,650,000
Brady TkachukUSALW231999-09-15212 Lbs6 ft412No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,400,000$8,400,000$8,400,000$8,400,000$8,400,000
Brett LeasonABRW241999-04-30201 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Cam FowlerONTD311991-12-05207 Lbs6 ft155No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,200,000$7,200,000$7,200,000$7,200,000
Christopher GibsonFING301992-12-27217 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Cole CaufieldUSARW222001-01-02162 Lbs5 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,308,333$1,308,333
Colin BlackwellUSAC/LW301993-03-28190 Lbs5 ft921No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Dakota JoshuaUSAC271996-05-15199 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Dante FabbroBCD241998-06-20189 Lbs6 ft07No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,491,000
Dmitry KulikovRUSD321990-10-29204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,500,000
Elias LindholmSWEC/RW281994-12-02195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,850,000
Gabriel GagneQUERW261996-11-11186 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ian MitchellABD241999-01-18173 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000
John GibsonUSAG291993-07-14207 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000
Jordan OesterleUSAD301992-06-25182 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$950,000$950,000
Justin BraunUSAD361987-02-10205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Keith PetruzzelliUSAG241999-02-09185 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$817,500$817,500$817,500
Kurtis MacDermidQUED291994-03-25233 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$975,000
Logan ThompsonABG261997-02-24201 Lbs6 ft467No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,250,000$1,250,000$1,250,000
Matty BeniersUSAC202002-11-05174 Lbs6 ft255No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,850,000$1,850,000$1,850,000
Mike ReillyUSAD291993-07-13199 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,100,000$3,100,000$3,100,000
Morgan BarronNSC/LW/RW241998-12-02220 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,775,000$1,775,000$1,775,000
Nick CousinsONTC/LW/RW291993-07-19185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,650,000
Nick FolignoUSAC/LW351987-10-30202 Lbs6 ft012No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,750,000$6,750,000
Roland McKeownONTD271996-01-20195 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Scott ReedyUSAC241999-04-04209 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Tommy NovakUSAC261997-04-28209 Lbs6 ft117No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Tyson JostCANC/LW251998-03-14187 Lbs5 ft1118No1 year Pro & FarmYes$1,950,000
William NylanderABC/LW/RW271996-05-01196 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,815,000$6,815,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3327.3196 Lbs6 ft 12.15 years$2,561,571 3300


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Aaron HarstadUSAD301992-07-01198 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Adam HenriqueONTC/LW331990-02-06188 Lbs6 ft021No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,500,000$6,500,000
Adam MusilBCC291994-03-26202 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Adam PelechONTD281994-08-15205 Lbs6 ft368No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,850,000
Adrian KempeSWEC/LW/RW261996-09-12201 Lbs6 ft210No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,100,000$3,100,000
Alex KillornNSLW/RW331989-09-13199 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,125,000$7,125,000
Alex TuchUSALW/RW271996-05-09220 Lbs6 ft427No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,100,000$3,100,000
Andrei VasilevskiyRUSG281994-07-24225 Lbs6 ft32No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$10,000,000$10,000,000$10,000,000
Austin PoganskiUSARW271996-02-16201 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brandon GignacQUEC/LW251997-11-07170 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$921,666
Brandon HagelSKWLW/RW241998-08-26174 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
Danton HeinenBCLW/RW271995-07-05188 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,700,000
Dennis CholowskiBCD251998-02-15197 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Dennis RobertsonBCD321991-05-24215 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Dominik KubalikCZELW/RW271995-08-21179 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,775,000
Dylan CozensYUKC/RW222001-02-09188 Lbs6 ft34No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,744,167$1,744,167
Erik CernakSVKD251997-05-28230 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,950,000
Gage QuinneyUSAC/LW271995-07-29200 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
J.C. BeaudinQUEC261997-03-25196 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$816,667
Jonas SiegenthalerSWID261997-05-06211 Lbs6 ft379No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,400,000$3,400,000$3,400,000
Joseph WollUSAG241998-07-12203 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Julius BergmanSWED271995-11-02205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Justin SchultzBCD321990-07-06186 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Lean BergmannGERLW/RW241998-10-04205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Logan CoutureONTC341989-03-28205 Lbs6 ft113No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,750,000$7,750,000$7,750,000$7,750,000$7,750,000
Reilly SmithONTLW/RW321991-04-01182 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,500,000
Roman JosiSWID321990-06-01201 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,000,000
Sam ReinhartBCC/RW271995-11-06193 Lbs6 ft21No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Spencer KnightUSAG222001-04-18192 Lbs6 ft336No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,491,667$2,491,667$2,491,667
Zach WerenskiUSAD251997-07-19218 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,350,000$6,350,000$6,350,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3027.5199 Lbs6 ft 21.63 years$3,109,972 3000


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alex GoligoskiUSAD371985-07-29185 Lbs5 ft1135No1 year Pro & FarmYes$6,000,000
Anthony BitettoUSAD321990-07-15222 Lbs6 ft134No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Anton KhudobinKAZG371986-05-07195 Lbs5 ft1145No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000
Artturi LehkonenFINLW/RW271995-07-03178 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Blake ComeauSKWLW/RW371986-02-17200 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmYes$5,000,000
Bokondji ImamaQUELW261996-08-02221 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Brendan PerliniENGLW/RW271996-04-27211 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,500,000$1,500,000
Caleb JonesUSAD251997-06-05194 Lbs6 ft112No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Cameron CrottyONTD241999-05-05182 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Chad RuhwedelUSAD331990-05-06191 Lbs5 ft1141No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Charlie CoyleUSAC/LW/RW311992-03-01220 Lbs6 ft32No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Colin WhiteUSAC/RW261997-01-30197 Lbs5 ft1118No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000$5,000,000
Dillon HeatheringtonABD281995-05-09220 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Dominik BokkGERLW/RW232000-02-03181 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,137,500$1,137,500
Felix SandstromSWEG261997-01-12191 Lbs6 ft275No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Henry RybinskiBCC/LW/RW212001-06-26175 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Ian McCoshenUSAD271995-08-05218 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jack RoslovicUSAC/RW261997-01-29187 Lbs6 ft10No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,837,500$3,837,500$3,837,500$3,837,500
Jakob PelletierQUEC/LW222001-03-07181 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Jaroslav HalakSVKG381985-05-13185 Lbs5 ft1190No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,000,000
Jarred TinordiUSAD311992-02-20230 Lbs6 ft69No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Jean-Francois BerubeQUEG311991-07-13177 Lbs6 ft173No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,500,000
Jesse YlonenUSARW231999-10-03187 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000
John MarinoUSAD261997-05-21181 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,775,000
Jordie BennBCD351987-07-26199 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Kyle CapobiancoONTD251997-08-13196 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Linus HogbergSWED241998-09-04176 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000
Mark JankowskiONTC281994-09-13202 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Matt GrzelcykUSAD291994-01-05174 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,687,500
Max DomiMBC/LW281995-03-02192 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmYes$4,800,000
Max GildonUSAD241999-05-17194 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$853,333$853,333
Mike CondonUSAG331990-04-26195 Lbs6 ft219No1 year Pro & FarmNo$700,000
Nicholas CaamanoONTRW241998-09-07195 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Paul ByronONTC/LW/RW341989-04-27165 Lbs5 ft910No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,500,000$3,500,000
Riley SheahanONTC/LW/RW311991-12-07216 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Robby FabbriONTC/LW271996-01-22190 Lbs5 ft103No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Ryan McLeodONTC231999-09-21207 Lbs6 ft210No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$834,167$834,167
Tanner LaczynskiUSAC/LW/RW251997-06-01190 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Taylor HallABLW311991-11-13205 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,750,000$8,750,000
Zach BogosianUSAD321990-07-15200 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4028.4195 Lbs6 ft 11.93 years$2,247,833 4000

Red Wings

Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andre BurakovskyAUSLW/RW281995-02-08201 Lbs6 ft316No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,900,000$4,900,000$4,900,000
Andrew MangiapaneONTLW/RW271996-04-03184 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
Anthony RichardQUEC/LW261996-12-20163 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Anton BlidhSWELW/RW281995-03-13201 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Anton LindholmSWED281994-11-28191 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Artem ZubRUSD271995-10-02203 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,500,000
Austin WagnerABLW/RW251997-06-23185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Axel Jonsson-FjallbySWELW251998-02-10185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$860,000
Brayden PointABC/RW271996-03-13183 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,500,000$8,500,000
Brett MurrayONTLW241998-07-19228 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Chase De LeoUSAC271995-10-24186 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Chris WidemanUSAD331990-01-07180 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Cole SillingerUSAC202003-05-16203 Lbs6 ft2100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Connor CarrickUSAD291994-04-13194 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Connor CliftonUSAD281995-04-28175 Lbs5 ft1118No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Connor McDavidONTC261997-01-13193 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$12,750,000$12,750,000$12,750,000
Derek StepanUSAC321990-06-18196 Lbs6 ft013No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Drake CaggiulaONTLW/RW281994-06-20176 Lbs5 ft1017No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Dryden HuntBCLW/RW271995-11-24193 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$965,000
Erik GustafssonSWED311992-03-14176 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Evan FitzpatrickNFLG251998-01-27206 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Filip GustavssonSWEG241998-06-07184 Lbs6 ft287No1 year Pro & FarmNo$910,833
Filip HronekCZED251997-11-02183 Lbs6 ft013No3 yearsPro & FarmYes$3,300,000$3,300,000$3,300,000
Greg McKeggONTC/LW/RW301992-06-17192 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Isaac RatcliffeONTLW241999-02-15200 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$813,750$813,750$813,750
Jack CampbellUSAG311992-01-08197 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Jack DoughertyUSAD271996-05-25185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jake BischoffUSAD281994-07-25194 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jake PatersonONTG291994-05-02176 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Jakob ChychrunUSAD251998-03-31210 Lbs6 ft219No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,900,000
James NealONTLW/RW351987-09-03212 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Jared McCannONTC/LW261996-05-31185 Lbs6 ft124No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Jayson MegnaUSAC/RW331990-02-01195 Lbs6 ft19No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Josh MahuraABD251998-05-05186 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Luke GlendeningUSAC/RW341989-04-27192 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,750,000$1,750,000
Marcus HogbergSWEG281994-11-24209 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Matt MartinONTLW/RW341989-05-08220 Lbs6 ft40No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000$850,000
Mikhail SergachevRUSD241998-06-25216 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000
Noah GregorABC/LW/RW241998-07-28185 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Oliver BjorkstrandDENLW/RW281995-04-10177 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,750,000$4,750,000
Patrik LaineFINLW/RW251998-04-19201 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,475,000
Reece WillcoxBCD291994-03-20205 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Rem PitlickONTC/LW/RW261997-04-02196 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Ryan PulockMBD281994-10-06215 Lbs6 ft211No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,150,000$5,150,000$5,150,000
Travis BarronONTLW241998-08-17205 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$741,667$741,667$741,667

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4527.5194 Lbs6 ft 11.78 years$2,195,361 4500


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Alexandar GeorgievBULG271996-02-10178 Lbs6 ft146No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000
Anders LeeUSALW321990-07-02235 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Andy WelinskiUSAD301993-04-27201 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Anze KopitarSLOC351987-08-23225 Lbs6 ft37No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000
Carter VerhaegheONTC/LW/RW271995-08-13180 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,000,000$4,000,000$4,000,000
Chris KreiderUSALW/RW321991-04-29217 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,100,000
Chris TanevONTD331989-12-19197 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,500,000
Dalton SmithONTLW301992-06-30206 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Darcy KuemperSKWG331990-05-04215 Lbs6 ft52No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,000,000
David PastrnakCZERW271996-05-25194 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,750,000
Derek GrantBCC/LW331990-04-20206 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,050,000
Ethan ProwUSAD301992-11-17182 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Ilya LyubushkinRUSD291994-04-06201 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000$2,250,000
Ilya SamsonovUSAG261997-02-21200 Lbs6 ft38No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,475,000
Jack JohnsonUSAD361987-01-13227 Lbs6 ft118No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Jeff SkinnerONTLW311992-05-16197 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,750,000
Jon GilliesUSAG291994-01-21223 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Keegan KolesarMANRW261997-04-08217 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$905,000
Mark GiordanoONTD391983-10-02198 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Michael AmadioONTC/RW271996-05-13204 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Michael EyssimontUSAC/LW261996-09-09181 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Noah JuulsenBCD261997-04-02201 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Rasmus RistolainenFIND281994-10-27221 Lbs6 ft418No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000$5,750,000
Ross JohnstonPEILW291994-02-18235 Lbs6 ft50No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Ryan FitzgeraldUSAC/LW281994-10-19172 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ryan SuterUSAD381985-01-21205 Lbs6 ft145No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000$4,250,000
Sean MaloneUSAC281995-04-30196 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Sidney CrosbyNSC351987-08-07200 Lbs5 ft1127No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,000,000$11,000,000$11,000,000
Tage ThompsonUSAC/LW/RW251997-10-30219 Lbs6 ft743No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,400,000$1,400,000
Taylor FedunABD341988-06-04201 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Trevor MooreUSAC/LW/RW281995-03-31170 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Turner ElsonBCLW/RW301992-09-12184 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Victor SoderstromSWED222001-02-26179 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,523,333$1,523,333$1,523,333
Zemgus GirgensonsLATC/LW/RW291994-01-05212 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,725,000$1,725,000$1,725,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3429.9202 Lbs6 ft 21.88 years$2,913,333 3400


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Andrew PeekeUSAD251998-03-16197 Lbs6 ft337No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,491,667
Anton ForsbergSWEG301992-11-26176 Lbs6 ft276No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Anton StralmanSWED361986-07-31186 Lbs5 ft1111No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,500,000
Brent BurnsONTD381985-03-08230 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$9,000,000
Buddy RobinsonUSARW311991-09-29232 Lbs6 ft60No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Cam DineenUSAD241998-06-18183 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$910,833$910,833
Christian WolaninQUED281995-03-17185 Lbs6 ft26No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$975,000$975,000$975,000
Claude GirouxONTC/LW/RW351988-01-11185 Lbs5 ft1120No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,660,000
Cole BardreauUSAC/RW291993-07-22190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Conor ShearyUSALW/RW301992-06-08178 Lbs5 ft90No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Dakota MermisUSAD291994-01-05196 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Daniel WalcottQUELW/D291994-02-19175 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Devin ShoreONTC/LW281994-07-19206 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,350,000$1,350,000
Dylan CoghlanBCD251998-02-19190 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000
Evgeni MalkinRUSC361986-07-31195 Lbs6 ft33No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$12,000,000$12,000,000
J.T. CompherUSAC/RW281995-04-08190 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000
Joe VrbeticONTG202002-10-24187 Lbs6 ft57No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Jonas RondbjergDENLW/RW241999-03-31194 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$900,000$900,000$900,000
Jordan GrossUSAD281995-05-09190 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Josh MansonUSAD311991-10-07224 Lbs6 ft346No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,500,000$4,500,000
Justin FaulkUSAD311992-03-20217 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,000,000
Klim KostinRUSC/LW/RW241999-05-05212 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$863,333
Lassi ThomsonFIND222000-09-24190 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,288,333$1,288,333$1,288,333
Mark StoneMBRW311992-05-13219 Lbs6 ft427No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,000,000$8,000,000
Martin FrkCZELW/RW291993-10-04205 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Martin JonesBCG331990-01-10190 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$900,000
Mathew DumbaSKWD281994-07-24184 Lbs6 ft06No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,000,000
Matthew PecaONTC/LW/RW301993-04-27182 Lbs5 ft80No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Michael BuntingONTC/LW/RW271995-09-17197 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,500,000$2,500,000
Mitch ReinkeUSAD271996-02-04181 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Nathan BastianONTRW251997-12-06205 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$825,000$825,000
Nic PetanBCC/LW/RW281995-03-22175 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$775,000
Nico DawsGERG222000-12-22203 Lbs6 ft419No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Oskar LindblomSWELW261996-08-15191 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmYes$2,750,000$2,750,000
Pascal LabergeQUEC251998-04-09172 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Patrick HolwayUSAD261996-10-01220 Lbs6 ft50No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Radim SimekCZED301992-09-20200 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,500,000$3,500,000$3,500,000
Ryan ReavesMBRW361987-01-20225 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,000,000
Ryan StromeONTC/LW/RW291993-07-11193 Lbs6 ft19No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000$7,000,000
Sam CarrickONTC/RW311992-02-04205 Lbs6 ft031No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Simon LundmarkSWED222000-10-08201 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Stefan NoesenUSALW/RW301993-02-12205 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Troy TerryUSAC/RW251997-09-10174 Lbs6 ft137No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,900,000
Will ReillyONTD251997-07-23196 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$700,000$700,000$700,000
Zack KassianONTRW321991-01-24211 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,800,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4528.4196 Lbs6 ft 11.84 years$2,585,315 4500


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
A.J. GreerQUELW/RW261996-12-14204 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Adam HelewkaBCLW271995-07-21205 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Aleksander BarkovFINC271995-09-02215 Lbs6 ft30No5 yearsPro & FarmNo$11,350,000$11,350,000$11,350,000$11,350,000$11,350,000
Alexey ToropchenkoRUSRW231999-06-25187 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$879,167
Andrei AltybarmakyanRUSRW241998-08-04192 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$817,500$817,500
Arvid SoderblomSWEG231999-08-19179 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Cam TalbotONTG351987-07-04193 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,250,000
Chase PearsonUSAC251997-08-22200 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$917,831$917,831$917,831
Cole UllyABLW/RW281995-02-20170 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Derek RyanUSAC/LW/RW361986-12-29185 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,000,000$2,000,000
Eric ComrieABG271995-07-05175 Lbs6 ft129No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Erik HaulaFINC/LW/RW321991-03-23193 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,050,000
Evgeny KuznetsovRUSC311992-05-19205 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$8,150,000$8,150,000$8,150,000
Evgeny SvechnikovRUSLW/RW261996-10-31208 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$874,125
Filip ForsbergSWELW281994-08-13205 Lbs6 ft119No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,000,000
Garnet HathawayUSALW/RW311991-11-23212 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,650,000$2,650,000
Gustav ForslingSWED261996-06-12186 Lbs6 ft010No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,375,000$2,375,000
Jimmy SchuldtUSAD281995-05-11203 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
John LeonardUSALW/RW241998-08-07183 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,137,500$1,137,500
Jon MerrillUSAD311992-02-03195 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Jonas BrodinSWED291993-07-12194 Lbs6 ft130No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000$5,250,000
Kevin MandoleseQUEG222000-08-22180 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$835,000$835,000
Kris LetangQUED361987-04-24201 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,650,000
Mario FerraroONTD241998-09-17185 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Michael Del ZottoONTD321990-06-24195 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$850,000
Nino NiederreiterSWILW/RW301992-09-08218 Lbs6 ft212No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000
Oliver WahlstromUSARW222000-06-13205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,431,667$1,431,667
Paul StastnyQUEC/LW371985-12-27193 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$6,500,000
Reilly WalshUSAD241999-04-21185 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000
Robert ThomasONTC/RW231999-07-02188 Lbs6 ft062No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,800,000$5,800,000
Ryan LombergONTLW281994-12-09187 Lbs5 ft90No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000$1,100,000
Stuart SkinnerABG241998-11-01206 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Taylor RaddyshCANC/RW251998-02-18216 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$894,166
Timothy GettingerUSALW251998-04-13218 Lbs6 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Travis HamonicMBD321990-08-16205 Lbs6 ft238No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,750,000$2,750,000$2,750,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3527.7196 Lbs6 ft 11.86 years$2,751,056 3500


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam GaudetteUSAC261996-10-02170 Lbs6 ft10No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Alexander EdlerSWED371986-04-20212 Lbs6 ft315No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,000,000
Andrew AgozzinoONTC/LW321991-01-02187 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Ben HarpurONTD281995-01-11231 Lbs6 ft612No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$725,000$725,000$725,000
Boone JennerONTC/LW291993-06-14207 Lbs6 ft20No5 yearsPro & FarmYes$6,650,000$6,650,000$6,650,000$6,650,000$6,650,000
Brandon MontourONTD291994-04-11192 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Brendan GaunceONTC/LW291994-03-25217 Lbs6 ft20No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$785,000$785,000$785,000$785,000
Brian BoyleUSAC/LW381984-12-18245 Lbs6 ft45No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Cal FooteUSAD241998-12-12227 Lbs6 ft40No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Cayden PrimeauUSAG231999-08-11209 Lbs6 ft232No1 year Pro & FarmNo$966,666
Cole PerfettiONTC/LW212002-01-01185 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,627,500$1,627,500$1,627,500
Colton PointONTG251998-03-04230 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Corey SchuenemanUSAD271995-09-02201 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Curtis LazarBCC/LW/RW281995-02-02193 Lbs6 ft014No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,200,000
Frank VatranoUSALW/RW291994-03-14197 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,700,000$2,700,000$2,700,000
Jean-Gabriel PageauONTC301992-11-11180 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,200,000$6,200,000
Jeff CarterONTC/RW381985-01-01219 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$4,250,000$4,250,000
Joel HanleyONTD311991-06-08190 Lbs5 ft117No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Jonathan MarchessaultQUELW/RW321990-12-27180 Lbs5 ft97No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,050,000$6,050,000$6,050,000$6,050,000
Jonathan QuickUSAG371986-01-20216 Lbs6 ft18No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,400,000$2,400,000
Kieffer BellowsUSALW241998-06-10195 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,106,666
Kyle BurroughsBCD271995-07-12193 Lbs6 ft061No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Laurent BrossoitBCG301993-03-22205 Lbs6 ft331No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,300,000$2,300,000$2,300,000
Laurent DauphinQUEC/LW/RW281995-03-27189 Lbs6 ft138No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Malcolm SubbanONTG291993-12-21215 Lbs6 ft20No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,700,000$1,700,000$1,700,000
Mathieu JosephQUELW/RW261997-02-09173 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$2,000,000
Matt TennysonUSAD331990-04-23205 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,000,000$1,000,000
Max PaciorettyUSALW341988-11-20215 Lbs6 ft250No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
Nate SchmidtUSAD311991-07-16194 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,625,000$5,625,000
Nolan FooteUSALW222000-11-29196 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$863,333$863,333$863,333
Patrice BergeronQUEC371985-07-24195 Lbs6 ft131No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$9,500,000$9,500,000
Patrick KaneUSARW341988-11-19177 Lbs5 ft100No4 yearsPro & FarmYes$11,250,000$11,250,000$11,250,000$11,250,000
Ryan EllisONTD321991-01-03180 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,250,000$6,250,000
Ryan PoehlingUSAC/LW241999-01-03197 Lbs6 ft20No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,000
Xavier OuelletFRAD291993-07-29196 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,500,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
3529.5200 Lbs6 ft 12.11 years$2,905,690 3500


Player NameCNTPOAgeBirthdayWeightHeightHealth
# Loss
ContractTypeOne Way
Salary #1Salary #2Salary #3Salary #4Salary #5
Adam BrooksMANC/LW271996-05-06185 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Adam FoxUSAD251998-02-17181 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$925,001
Alex FormentonONTLW231999-09-13165 Lbs6 ft211No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$888,333$888,333
Alexander RomanovRUSD232000-01-05208 Lbs6 ft01No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,177,500$1,177,500
Andrew PoturalskiUSAC291994-01-14183 Lbs5 ft100No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Brett RitchieONTRW291993-06-30220 Lbs6 ft40No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Bryan LittleABC/RW351987-11-11191 Lbs6 ft02No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,500,000$5,500,000
Casey CizikasONTC321991-02-26195 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,800,000$2,800,000$2,800,000
Connor BunnamanONTC251998-04-16207 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$750,000
Connor DewarMANC/LW231999-06-26182 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Conor GarlandUSALW/RW271996-03-11165 Lbs5 ft100No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,000,000$3,000,000
Conor TimminsONTD241998-09-18185 Lbs6 ft20No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$850,000$850,000
Evan BouchardONTD231999-10-20194 Lbs6 ft30No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,596,667$1,596,667
Fabian ZetterlundSWERW231999-08-25218 Lbs5 ft110No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000$750,000
Gustav NyquistSWEC/LW/RW331989-09-01180 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$7,500,000
Hudson FaschingUSARW271995-07-28204 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Igor ShesterkinRUSG271995-12-30182 Lbs6 ft232No1 year Pro & FarmNo$3,775,000
Jake WalmanONTD271996-02-20170 Lbs6 ft10No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Jayce HawrylukSKWC/RW271996-01-01196 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000
Jonathan BernierQUEG341988-08-07185 Lbs6 ft041No1 year Pro & FarmNo$4,500,000
Jonathan GrudenUSALW232000-05-04172 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$802,500$802,500$802,500
Julien NantelQUEC/LW261996-09-06193 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Kyle WoodONTD271996-05-04235 Lbs6 ft70No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Marcus FolignoUSALW/RW311991-08-10232 Lbs6 ft316No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000$6,000,000
Matt DucheneONTC/RW321991-01-15195 Lbs5 ft1136No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,700,000$7,700,000
Michael HouserUSAG301992-09-12185 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$600,000
Ondrej KaseCZERW271995-11-08190 Lbs6 ft00No1 year Pro & FarmNo$1,250,000
Philip BrobergSWED212001-06-25199 Lbs6 ft30No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,713,333$1,713,333$1,713,333
Riley BarberUSARW291994-02-07203 Lbs6 ft00No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Rocco GrimaldiUSAC/RW301993-02-08180 Lbs5 ft60No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$2,250,000$2,250,000
Ryan JohansenBCC301992-07-31218 Lbs6 ft30No1 year Pro & FarmNo$8,000,000
Sam LaffertyUSAC/LW/RW281995-03-06195 Lbs6 ft10No1 year Pro & FarmNo$767,500
Scott WedgewoodONTG301992-08-13207 Lbs6 ft235No1 year Pro & FarmYes$3,700,000
Seth GriffithONTLW/RW301993-01-04190 Lbs5 ft90No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Shane GersichUSAC/LW261996-07-10180 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
T.J. BrodieONTD321990-06-07185 Lbs6 ft113No1 year Pro & FarmNo$5,600,000
Thomas Di PauliCANC/LW291994-04-29187 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$750,000$750,000
Tim StutzleGERC/LW212002-01-15196 Lbs6 ft09No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$3,425,000$3,425,000
Tyler GraovacONTC301993-04-26212 Lbs6 ft50No1 year Pro & FarmNo$800,000
Tyler JohnsonUSAC/LW/RW321990-07-29183 Lbs5 ft80No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,250,000$5,250,000
Tyler MyersUSAD331990-02-01229 Lbs6 ft817No4 yearsPro & FarmNo$5,600,000$5,600,000$5,600,000$5,600,000
Tyson BarrieBCD311991-07-26197 Lbs5 ft110No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$7,000,000$7,000,000
Victor OlofssonSWELW/RW271995-07-18182 Lbs5 ft110No1 year Pro & FarmNo$767,500
Vincent DesharnaisQUED261996-05-29216 Lbs6 ft60No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$800,000$800,000$800,000
Yegor ChinakhovRUSLW/RW222001-02-01179 Lbs6 ft00No2 yearsPro & FarmNo$1,325,000$1,325,000
Zac JonesUSAD222000-10-18172 Lbs5 ft100No3 yearsPro & FarmNo$925,000$925,000$925,000

Total PlayersAverage AgeAverage WeightAverage HeightAverage ContractAverage SalaryPlayers who can play
both Pro and Farm
Players who can play
Pro Only
Players who can play
Farm Only
4627.6194 Lbs6 ft 01.89 years$2,355,181 4600